PhotoChallenge: Street

We haven’t had much rain this year. I couldn’t resist this pic of the street with the Bradford pear losing its flowers and putting on its new leaves.

Grapevine Mills Mall Southwest Entrance


PhotoChallenge: Home

Texas celebrates 180 years of independence this year. This week marks the spreading of the word.

I was born, raised, and schooled in Texas. Texas is my home.

A Texas-shaped waffle from the Buttermilk Cafe


Texas Wildflower


Indian Paintbrush

One True Sentence

I didn’t think I was that sick.

Dirty Minds Think Alike


What word do you see?


So many people use water for their reflections. I used a mirror h

See My Reflection?

Photo Challenge

I need to work on my photo skills.

I usually use my iPhone or a Kodak EasyShare camera. Both are point-and-shoots because I’m not interested in learning about filters, lenses, and such. I’d like to learn about angles and such.

So I’ve given myself a photochallenge. I have a list of things to photograph over the upcoming year. Let’s hope I get better!

For both our sakes….


There were three dancers but only two were capable of being photographed due to construction.


The Dancer

She dances next to the Visitors' Center.

The Font

In the courtyard of the historic Methodist Church of FW