What was that?

Listen to your heart. What does it say
When it jumps and flutters and thumps?
What does it mean? Is it bad? Or okay?
Which is it?

Familiar sounds, some fast, some slow,
Each clunk and whoosh and beat.
But now: I think I didn’t know.
Or did I?

Silent damage, death by stealth
An unfelt pain revealed
No hint, no clue about poor health,
Or was there?

My heart attack, my brush with fate –
I’ll know it again they say.
Stripped of disguise, no doubt – but Wait!
Was that another? Was it?

by Lorraine Gradwell

In March, my mother had her first heart attack. Since then, she’s had several more. So far, she has 17 stents and has had three heart surgeries. The doctors haven’t given her a good prognosis. So, there are times when there will be gaps in my blog as I deal with her: the doctors, hospitals, and insurance. For that, I apologize and hope you will be understanding as we work through these times.

Thank you!


5 responses »

  1. ~LD says:

    Wow, not a poem for the meek. Thanks for posting it.

    Scary times. I hope you are remembering to take good care of yourself, even though it may seem extra hard right now. Much love ❤ [the only math I know haha]. ~LD

  2. dhamma mama says:

    Reblogged this on dharma | yoga arts and commented:
    Ooooh, a poem on listening to the body of emotion! #MindfulnessofFeelings #FourFoundationsofMindfulness

  3. Janice Heck says:

    ooh…I hope your mother’s health improves. Heart issues are scary. My husband has been dealing with them for three years now, and I see he has these worries about what next? and when? Hopefully blogging about your issues will help. Peace.

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